Issue 54.2013

Join 2014 Travel Incentive Now,Let's Go to Queenstown!

        The destination for 2014 Travel Incentive Worldwide trip will be New Zealand Queenstown. Earlier this year, our founders Paul and Afreen had already been to Queenstown and they found it was an amazing place to travel! Throughout the year, the landscapes there are just breath-taking. Also, you may enjoy various outdoor activities there. Do you want to visit this beautiful town and experience a wonderful holiday? Please do not hesitate anymore and join Travel Incentive now. Let's set a goal to win the Queenstown trip!

Jan & Feb Notice:

Jan 4
Full Detox Pack

Jan 11
Health Talk
- Best Gallstone Flush

Jan 18
Beauty Talk
- Organic Skin Care

Jan 25
Product Talk - Fat-Bloc

Feb 8
Product Talk - Detox Greens

Feb 15
BEAUTY TALK - Organic Serums

Feb 23
Full Detox Pack


Bi-annual Asia Trip, Taiwan Will Be the First Destination!

        Good News – originally we only have one Asia trip award for Travel Incentive. In 2014, we have TWO Asia Trips! Meaning that every half of the year we are having an Asia trip which duration will be six months. The destination for the first half of this bi-annual Asia trip will be Taiwan! It is a place with natural sceneries and countless delicious food. It surely will be a fun trip to go with your business partners! Do not give up and strive for success! The destination for the second half year will be Korea and more details will be announced soon.

New Change for Marketing Plan, 680BV Qualify to Become Associate!

        To help distributors develop their businesses more efficiently, we continuously improve our marketing plan. Wonderful news to all those seriously expanding their business: there will be a new easier option to become Associate which is purchasing 680BV in single purchase. Purchasing FDP will also qualify you to become Associate and in this way you will qualify to earn Endorsement Bonus, too. We hope this new change helps you build up your business!

Join OV Business on OPP Day, Enjoy Free Sign Up Fee and E-Commerce!

        We always try our very best to support all our business builders. We are happy to launch this special offer: Starting 27 Dec 2013 to 29 Jun 2014, new distributors who sign up during OPP day after the meeting, and purchase 680BV in single order, will enjoy free sign up fee; who sign up and purchase FDP or become a consultant will enjoy free sign up free and free 1-year basic e-commerce plan! Invite more people to come to OPP, and acknowledge them the power of OV business.

Awards Night in January,Guess who the Travel Incentive Winners are!

        Our Awards Night Stage 3 will be held on 20 Jan 2014. We will be giving awards to those achieved excellent result in their business during September to December of 2013, and we will also have a recap on important issues and events in year 2013. Most importantly, we will be announcing the winners of Travel Incentive 2013. Do You want to know who they are? Come to the Awards Night with your friends and partners and share the happiness with us! The theme of this Awards Night will be “Red”, so you may wear anything in red color and be creative! We are looking forward to seeing you on the day.

New Product Flyers Launch in January, Know More About FAT-BLOC!

Food is an enjoyment of our life. Unfortunately, much food nowadays contains harmful substances include bad fats, radiation and Rancid oil. Every time we want to enjoy the food, we need to step back and think twice. How do we enjoy our favorite food without worrying about the health threats? FAT-BLOC is the best solution for you! It absorbs fats and oils of food you eat, and neutralizes radiation in food. Do you know how could it possibly do these? Come to Product Talk on 25 Jan, 2014, and you will be introduced FAT-BLOC in details. Also, we will launch a product flyer of FAT-BLOC on the same day. So do not miss this good chance to learn more about health!

Loss 16 KG Weight by Doing Detox, Say Good Bye to Joint Pains!

Problem: My name is Fish and I am a student. When I studied in secondary school, I faced obesity problem. Although I was only 16 years old, my weight reached 81 KG! My joint and bones were damaged by the weight. I always felt pain in my knees. I could not even do kneeling because of the pain. My blood pressure was high, and I was told by nurse that I would have diabetes in long term. On the other hand, I was discriminated by other people because of my outlook. I lost confidence and felt stressful, so I ate more to relieve my bad emotion, and then became even fatter.

Solution: I tried to solve the problem in my own ways. I purchased weight-loss medicine on the internet and I used Chinese herbal formula found on the internet. They did not work and brought me side-effects, included faster heart beats and nightmares. In March of 2012, I was introduced the Detox concept of OV and I tried OV products. Since then, I did 9-Day Full Detox for four times, I keep using 9-Day Detox &Fat Burn Maintenance pack. I loss a total of 16 KG! I no longer need to buy cloths of XL size. I can wear M size now. How amazing! My joint pains and high blood pressure are gone. OV not just solves my problem, but also teaches me healthy lifestyle. Now I do more exercises and choose healthy food. I hope more people are benefited by OV quality products!

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