Issue 60.2015

2015 Worldwide Travel Incentive: South of France & Monaco

        That's right! The destination of 2015's Worldwide Travel Incentive Trip will be the South of France and Monaco, luxurious countries in Europe. Monaco is a famous holiday destination among millionaires and celebrities. It is well known for its mild climate, glamorous palace and casinos, and beautiful port views. Monaco will definitely give you the experience of a lifetime! Last year, our Italy trip winners visited Monte Carlo and they were all very impressed by the place. Would you like to visit this amazing place? Please read our poster for details of how to win the trip. Set your business goals now for the year and win the trip!

Jan & Feb Notice:

Jan 10
Product Training
OV Product #1
- Organic Ingredients

Jan 17
Product Training
OV Product #2
- Food not Vitamins

Jan 24
Product Training
OV Product #3
- Raw Veg/Fruit Powders

Jan 31
Product Training
OV Product #4
- Vegetarian Capsules

Feb 7
Full Detox Pack

Feb 14
Beauty Talk
Skin Care Basic

Feb 28
Product Training
- OV Products are your best choice


1st Asia Trip of 2015,
Let's go to Bangkok!

        Where is the first destination of our Asia Travel Incentive Trip? A famous tourist spot of Hong Kongers, Bangkok! Bangkok offers a host of exotic ancient sites and cultural attractions. Also, it is one of Asia's popular shopping meccas, selling a myriad of cheap goods. You can also savour their delicious Thai cuisine and pamper yourself with affordable Thai massages. Would you like to go to Bangkok with your business partners? Join our 2015 Travel Incentive now and lead your team towards success!

2014 Annual Awards Night,
Awards Travel Incentive Winners!

        2014 has already passed and it is now time to announce the winners of our last annual quarter Travel Incentive program! Come over to our 4th Quarter Awards Night on 30th January. The highlights of night will be a recap on year 2014, the giving out of awards to prize winners and the most important part, announcing Travel Incentive winners! Also, there will be interviews of Awards winners and a talk given by our founder. We are so excited to listen to their successful experiences! Act now and invite more friends to our Awards Night. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

New FDP is now on Sale,
includes Prime Probiotics!

        Starting from January 5th, our Full Detox Pack has been updated to a new version! Now it contains 1 bottle of Prime Probiotics, replacing ViaGal. Now you can fully experience the power of our FDP whether you are male or female! Our Prime Probiotics contains 14 strains of beneficial bacteria which nourish your digestive tract giving you better adsorption of nutrients. The new FDP price is $4328 (wholesale price). We still offer 2 versions of the pack for you to choose from: Hong Kong (contains 3 Aloe Fusions) and International (contains 1 Aloe Mix). Come to our FDP Talk on 7th February (Sat) and you will know how new organic full detox benefits us!

A Natural and Effective Solution- Providing Relief from Allergic Rhinitis.

Problem:Hi, my name is Kenneth and I work as a real estate agent. Since I was only a primary school child, I had been affected by allergic rhinitis. I suffered from symptoms including nasal congestion, sneezing and rhinorrhea. I had to wipe my nose all the time, making my nose red and chapped. It happened everyday when I woke up in the morning. Climate changes and poor air quality also triggered the symptoms. It disturbed me from concentrating on my studies and daily activities. Imagine: I even had to keep wiping my nose while I was doing my exam paper! If my allergic rhinitis gets any worse, there is a chance it might develop into Sinusitis in the long run. This worries me a lot.

Solution:I tried to solve my allergic rhinitis through various methods. I treated it with traditional Chinese medicine, non-prescribed nasal sprays and steam inhalation. However, these methods only provided temporary relief from the symptoms. Fortunately in November of 2012, I got to know about Organic Vision's full detox program. I underwent the 9-day detox twice. For the first time, I had already felt great improvements. My allergic rhinitis symptoms dramatically reduced despite early mornings and climate changes. I took extra capsules of Bee Young to relieve the symptoms. It was very effective and long lasting. I am so happy that allergic rhinitis does not affect my daily life anymore. I highly recommend OV’s quality organic products to all my friends to help them regain the happiness that comes with being healthy!

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