Issue 66.2016

2016’s travel incentive plan starts, destination Grand Canyon & Sabah!

        New year new beginnings-from January 4th onwards, 2016’s travel incentive plan will become effective! We have already announced our 2 destinations: the first half year Asia trip will be Malaysia’s Sabah. Would you like to escape to crystal clear waters and gorgeous tropical islands, dive into emerald green seas with a colorful array of fish? Then this is surely the place for you! Our annual world trip will include one of the 7 wonders of the world-America’s Grand Canyon, as well as Las Vegas! You can shop till you drop, enjoy musicals and circus performances, a definite vacation paradise! Don’t hesitate, start planning now on how you can achieve this goal, helping both yourself and your own teams to succeed!

JAN & FEB Notice:

Jan 16
Product Talk
Triple Defense
- #1 Immustrong

Jan 23
Product Talk
Triple Defense
- #2 Bee Young

Jan 30
Product Talk
Triple Defense
- #3 Reishi Plus

Feb 6
Product Training
- Organic Skin Care & Serums

Feb 13
Product Training
- OV Products Uniqueness
Bee Young + Fat Burn

Feb 20
Product Training
- OV Products Uniqueness
Fat Bloc + Prime Probiotics

Feb 27
Product Training
- OV Products Uniqueness
EyeBright + Vegan Omegas


OV website with a whole new image,
updated research and utilities!

        OV strives to always move forward, giving you up to date information and tools to help you expand your network marketing business, which is why we have decided to take on a brand new project of revamping our website that was launched on Dec 28th, 2015. Would you like to know what new utilities we will be featuring? A whole new webpage design, which will be compatible with tablets and smart phone screens, and a more detailed description of all our products. We will continue to upload more product videos and testimonials. As for our website, we will combine this information together with our new website, making it more convenient and user friendly. Our e-commerce section now also features a visual representation of “My Enrollments” and your own business “Team Trees” making it much easier to enquire and manage your own business. Take a look at right away for a whole new experience!

The Fourth Quarterly Awards night to wrap up the year’s accomplishments!

        We are pleased to see many new developments in the year 2015, including many distributors who worked hard creating their businesses. We will be holding our fourth quarterly Awards Night soon on January 25th at 7:15 pm, tallying up the results from October to December of last year, including those who won the second half year’s Travel Incentive award prize to Osaka and the annual Travel Incentive award prize to Monaco, the South of France. We will also be featuring our company’s founder Paul Ng’s riveting speech, as well as taking a look back on 2015’s large company events. Would you also like to listen in on the secrets of how our award winners expanded their direct selling businesses? We warmly invite you to attend this event! The color theme for the evening will be “Silver”, those who dress in the most creative way under this theme have the chance of winning our “Best Dressed” award! Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

OV’s Bangkok trip has come and gone, distributors enjoyed local delights and massages!

        13 distributors and their families, together with company founders Paul & Afreen, all embarked on a 5 day 4 night vacation to Bangkok, Thailand. They all had the luxury of staying at the five star hotel Conrad Bangkok, enjoying their facilities including a beautiful scenic swimming pool and a fully equipped gym. During their trip they enjoyed Bangkok’s wonderful array of delicacies, local Thai massages and spas, affordable souvenirs and a 3D art museum. It was a memorable trip as they shared their experiences with their business partners. The highlights of this trip have already been posted onto our website for everyone to enjoy.

Taking health supplements helped a 14 month baby’s bones grow stronger, and relieved her fever issue!

Mother: Ann Child: Hei Yi

Hello everyone, my name is Ann and I want to share my story with my daughter, Hei Yi with everyone. While I was pregnant, I had lower back pain issues. My younger sister introduced me to Organic Vision’s health supplements. Once I understood that they were natural food supplements rather than medicine drugs, I took them without any worries or concerns. I religiously took Hair Skin Bone everyday to target my lower back pains, which greatly relieved my aches and pains for the rest of my pregnancy. Neither did I experience any bloating or acne issues which pregnant women often have.

After Hei Yi was born, I continued feeding her OV’s Hair Skin Bone, Reishi Plus and Organic Aloe Fusion. When she was 10 months old, I took her to have her health checkup and she could already stand all by herself! The doctor said her bones were growing very nicely, that she could start learning how to swim and run at 11 months!

Once, when she was 14 months old, she contracted bronchitis, with a fever running as high as 40 degree Celcius. She had to stay at the hospital for the night and take antibiotics for a week before things started to stabilize. Afterwards, she started developing a high fever again, even the doctors couldn’t find out what was wrong. We had to go through 4 different rounds of anti-fever medications and he suggested us to take her blood samples at the hospital.

The thought of such a young child having to go through the pain of getting her blood taken was just too frightening for me! So I refused to go through with it. I simply let her take the anti-fever drugs, but even that didn’t go to the bottom of her illness. Which is why I took the matter into my own hands and let my daughter take even more dosages of Reishi Plus, Bee Young and Aloe Fusion to strengthen her immune system. In 2 days her fever disintegrated from a high to a low one, and she was back on her feet in no time! I was so grateful to find a natural remedy for Hei Yi’s plight. And now, she is blossoming and growing up healthy, making me a proud mother!

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