Issue 57.2014

Winners of the World Trip
head towards Italy!

        The winners of 2013's World Trip Prize, Frankie, Banny, Lily and Freda, together with their families and the founders of Organic Vision Paul and Afreen, have just embarked on their journey to Europe. The trip will last from 27 Jun to 10 Jul. They will get the chance to visit places such as Milan, Florence and Venice. These are some of the most beautiful sites in Italy complete with breath taking views and outlets for shopping! You can also have the chance to win a FREE trip to some of the world's most exotic places! Join in on the 2014 Travel Incentive. Our next destination will be New Zealand. Set your goal and join us now!

Jul & Aug Notice:

Jul 5
Beauty Talk
- Skin Care Basics

Jul 12
Full Detox Packs

Jul 19
Detox Talk(3)
- Benefit your Colon

Jul 26
Product Talk
- Org Shampoo & Body Wash
+ Conditioner

Aug 2
Health Talk (4)
- Prevent Candida

Aug 9
Full Detox Packs

Aug 16
Product Talk - Prime Probiotics

Aug 23
Beauty Talk - ViaGal

Aug 30
Detox Talk (4)
- Benefit your Splee


Who won our Taiwan Trip Award?
Find Out in 2nd Quarter Awards Night!

        The travel incentive for our Taiwan Trip has just come to an end. Would you like to know who the winners are? Then come on over to our 2nd Quarter Awards Night on the 28th of July. The list of winners will be announced on that day! Awards will also be given to new Consultants, Enroll Award winners, and Star Consultants. Their successful experiences will surely enlighten all of us! We sincerely invite you to join in on this awards night. The theme of the night will be "Orange", so dress up in orange and you might have a chance to win the Best Outfit Award!

Set a Goal,
To Win Our Korea & New Zealand Trip!

        The 2nd half of the Bi-Annual Travel Award begins this July. The destination of this trip will be Korea, a popular travel destination for Hong Kong people. Would you like to go on a FREE Korea trip with your business partners? Don't hesitate and join now. If you win both trips to Taiwan and Korea, you will automatically qualify to win a trip to New Zealand Trip! If you want more details on how to qualify for both trips to Korea and New Zealand, please refer to our poster. Let's work together towards building a strong team spirit and achieve success!

July New Product Flyer
Personal Care and Skin Care Products!

        Did you know that the personal care products we use in our daily lives, contain large amounts of chemicals, and most of them are harmful to body! OV's organic skin care basics pack, shampoo and conditioner, are made of all natural ingredients. They are safe and gentle to our bodies, which are the perfect choice to maintain healthy skin and hair. In July's product talk, two product flyers will be launched: (1) Organic Skin Care Basics, and (2) Organic Shampoo and Conditioner. The flyers will introduce products in details. Make good use of flyers, to expand your business effectively!

Speech Contest in July,
Perfect Chance to Train your Skills!

If you want to build your business effectively, you need to develop a professional image and good communication skills. Our Speech Contest is the perfect chance for you to practice! Our upcoming new round of speech contest will be held on 14 Jul, with the title of “Team Spirit”. We welcome all distributors to join. Our seasoned, experienced public speakers Paul and Frankie will be our judges. Their advice will surely benefit us all. Remember, practice makes perfect. You can build your self confidence and public speaking skills simply by practicing. If you want to be a good business leader, do not miss out on this wonderful growing oppurtunity!

Loss 30 lbs weight;
No more Gastrospasm problem!

Problem:Hi, my name is Marco. I work as a merchandiser. I love sport and practice Taekwondo. However, because of my unhealthy eating habits, I became obese. My weight eventually reached 200 lbs! Doing basic things like bending over to tie my shoes, became troublesome! Moreover, my doctor diagnosed me with Gastrospasm. Since I was 5 years old, I suffered from severe stomach aches every day. It greatly affected my daily life. Also, because of practicing Taekwondo, pains and wounds were accumulated in my shoulder and back. Although I am only a young man, I had so many health problems that I lost my energy.

Solution:I tried to find solutions to reverse these problems. To lose weight, I did more exercises and went on a diet, but it wasn’t effective. To ease stomach aches, I have to rely on medication. To ease my pains, I tried acupuncture and did Tai Chi, and again it was not effective. In May of year 2013, I got to know about OV and its organic detox concept, so I decided to try my 9-Day Organic Detox. Surprisingly for the first try, I lost 10 lbs weight, and my stomach ache and pains were greatly improved! Up until today, I have successfully undergone 9-Day Organic Detox 3 times. I feel so much lighter. In the past I wore XL, but now I wear an M! What makes me happiest is that my Gastrospasm problem which has caused me a lot of trouble for years is now gone. I do not need medication to ease stomach aches anymore. I have regained the joy of good health I feel energetic and confident. Thank you Organic Vision for changing my life!

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