Issue 69.2016

Organic Vision’s South of France and Monaco trip, Enjoying the best of luxury holidays!

      Why should you work hard in winning OV’s Travel Incentive Award? Just ask this year’s winners of OV’s South of France & Monaco trip to find out the answer! They left on June 6th along with our company’s founders Paul and Afreen, enjoying a total of 17 days of relaxation and play. They visited Paris, Versailles, Monaco, Cannes, Marseilles and Provence, experiencing different sights, people and tastes. They had the chance to stay at the luxurious Versailles hotel, got to taste fresh mussels and Mediterranean shrimp, explored the grand Arc du Triumph, soaked in the beautiful lavender fields of Provence, visited the world famous casinos in Monaco, as well as shopped at the Louis Vuitton store in Champs Elysee, nailing great bargain designer watches and handbags to take home! They experienced many more exciting adventures which we don’t have the space to write but please feel free to ask one of these distributors about their cultural European experience!


Destination for our 2nd annual Asian Trip: Japan’s Nagoya!

     OV’s 2016 second annual Asian Trip’s destination has already been announced, which will be Japan’s city of Nagoya! Nagoya is a historical and cultural heritage site, as well as a modern international city. You are able to experience somewhat different sites to Tokyo and Osaka-grand historical buildings, colouful TV towers, century old vintage shops and streets etc…Nagoya is also situated in Japan’s centre, a gateway to every other city, enabling tourists to explore surrounding attractions, including the world heritage site Shirakawago, famous for their production of black beef cattle ‘Hida Takayama’. You too have the opportunity to explore this wonderfully rich historical city and experience a culturally fulfilling vacation. More importantly, working hard to win this travel incentive award will help you “Help others succeed, and to become even more successful yourself” So don’t hesitate and start setting the goal of winning OV’s Nagoya Trip today!

July’s activity report, The 2nd quarterly Awards Night!

Entering July, we will soon reveal who the winners to the first annual Asian trip are to Sabah. Would you like to find out who they are? Then please join us on the evening of July 29th for OV’s second quarterly Awards Night ceremony, where we will reveal our lucky Sabah winners. We will also be announcing the winners of our Retail Award, Enroll Award, as well as our New Consultants and Star Consultants. Would you like to listen to their secrets of success, on how to expand their OV businesses? Then come along and listen carefully to their words of wisdom! Note: the theme colour of the evening will be “Pastel Blue”. The most creatively dressed attendee will be awarded with our “Best Dressed” Award!

Carefully choosing team allocations, A new company policy!

        Please take note of our new company policy: when filling in your company membership sign-in form, please carefully select your team members, as you will not be able to change your choices in the future. If you have accidently allocated the wrong person to your respective teams, please contact the staff member who assisted you on the day of your application to make necessary adjustments accordingly. If you do not handle the situation on the same day, you must notify our staff members within 3 working days, as well as pay a handling fee of $10 HKD, in order to open a new account allocating the correct persons to your relevant teams. If there are existing Business Value Points generated, as well as newly enrolled distributors under your old account, they will not be transferred to your new account. We have already made necessary adjustments to our company policy rules and regulations handbook, effective date starting from July 4th. Please refer to more details in the email we have sent all our distributors in your company email inbox.


30 day organic detox, Got rid of abdominal pain!

Name:Daisy Li

Problem:Just as many other Hong Kong people, I too work tirelessly at a stressful job. This has caused me many digestive problems, and I easily get constipated. Not to mention the dusty environment I work in, which caused me to develop respiratory allergies, making me cough all the time at work. I did not pay any special attention to my health or lifestyle in the past. Until October of last year, I started to feel a strange painful sensation near the right side of my ovary. When touched, felt like a small ping pong ball. I was terrified, as I thought I had developed a severe female reproductive disorder or even a tumour. I knew that to see a gynecologist at a government hospital took a long time being on their waiting list, and my problem could not be solved instantly. So I asked myself: Would accepting traditional medical therapy really help me and give me the results that I am hoping for? Or would I suffer the side effects of medication or an operation and damage my body even more?

Solution: Fortunetly through a friends help, I got to know about Organic Vision’s detox concept-to help the body heal itself more efficiently, I thought I’d give it a try. So I did a continuous 30 day organic detox, as well as taking OV’s Triple Defense Pack and The Viagal Anti-Aging Gel. I followed the diet plan very strictly. After just a week’s time, I already felt the lump in my left ovary shrink. After 3 weeks, the lump had completely disappeared! Moreover, my respiratory system and constipation problem had improved dramatically! Even my colleagues noticed a difference, they said my complexion improved, and I seemed to have more energy. I am so happy that I didn’t use traditional medicine to solve my severe health problem. Since we live in a more polluted city, with more stress at work, and more toxins in our bodies, I am positively advocating the Organic Detox to everyone to experience, to take hold of your precious health!

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