Issue 61.2015

2014 Travel Incentive Ends,
A total of 6 Winners!

        The 4th Quarter of the 2014 Awards Night in January ended. We were so excited to announce that there were a total of 6 Travel Incentive winners. Banny, Lily and Regine were all very hard-working this past year that they achieved the status of being a Triple Consultant or higher in rank, and enrolled many FDP users. Eventually, they won the New Zealand Queenstown trip. Congratulations! The other 3 winners, Ducky, Pursy and Fish, had truly embodied the spirit of Direct Selling-not just simply enrolling new people but also to help them expand their network. They thus achieved the requirements of winning the Korean Trip. And since they won both 1st and 2nd Asian trips in 2014, OV decided to offer them an extra bonus prize- our New Zealand Queenstown trip! These distributors won all 3 Travel Incentives trips this past year. Well done! The new round of Travel Incentives of 2015 has started, so if you want to be the next winner, set your goals and join now!

Mar & Apr Notice:

Mar 21
New Product Launch

Mar 28
Product Training
OV Product are your Best Choice

Apr 11
New Product Training

Apr 18
New Product Training


Highlights of Awards Night in JAN:
2 New Triple Consultants

        Once again, congratulations to our new Triple Consultants: Ms. Regine Wat and Ms. Lily Cheung. They helped 3 downline Distributors from both left and right teams respectively to become consultants. Besides becoming Triple Consultants, they have also won our New Zealand Queenstown trip! So what are the keys to their success? Regine explains that her secret is to share. Regine continuously shares the OV business opportunity and products with her friends. On the other hand, dreams motivate Lily to work hard. Lily was very dedicated on learning how to develop her own OV business in order to fulfill her dreams. We really appreciate Regine and Lily as our role models for success and hard work.

Highlights of Awards Night in JAN:
2 New Single Consultants, Winners of Enroll Gold & Silver

        We are proud to have 2 new Single Consultants: Ms. Fish Yu and Mr. Marco Tso. They both helped 1 downline distributor from both left and right teams respectively to become consultants. These two young leaders shared their experiences: Fish said her OV business has changed her life. She believes that she can take control of her time now after building her business. She admits to daring to dream of bigger and better things for her future. Marco talked about the importance of grasping the OV business opportunity now, so that we can create a different future. In this Quarter Awards Night, there were 8 Gold Enroller winners and 6 Silver Enroller winners. Once again, we express our gratitude to all guests, participants and our MCs of the night.

Speech Contest in JAN:
We have 2 Champions!

        Do you want to be an influential leader? Good communication skill and professional image is essential to the success of your direct selling business. OV Speech Contest held every quarter of a year is definitely the best training platform for those who want to improve their public speaking skill. Recently in January, we held the newest round of Speech Contest and it has come to an end. The title was “Exert Team Spirit”. This time we have 4 finalists who are all excellent speakers. Their speeches were lively and informative. Jack and Ivy were the champions of the contest. Congratulations! Do you want to be a good speaker? Join the upcoming new round of Speech Contest in April!

New Product Launch
On 21st March!

OV is continuously updating ourselves the newest information in nutrition and health industry, and keep in mind what our customers and Distributors need, in order to create products bringing more comprehensive health benefits. Therefore, we are glad to announce that OV is going to launch a new product on 21st March, 2015 (SAT) at 2:30pm! On the Product Launch Day, our founder, Afreen, is going to introduce the products details, the health concepts behind, its benefits and uniqueness. Do you want to know how this new product can benefit you and your family? Attend the meeting with your friends and family!

The Organic Detox helped me
get rid of menstrual pains!

Problem:My name is Vanessa and I own an interest class business. I suffered from severe menstrual dysmenorrhea. Every first day of my period, I would have to take sick leave from school or work, because of the severe pain. My tailbone would hurt, I’d break into sweat, break out, lose my appetite and so forth. It was terrible! Moreover, I had an abnormal menstrual cycle. I would skip my period once every 1 or 2months. The problem bothered me for a long time and it never showed any signs of improvement. On the other hand, because of my job duties, I developed strains on my shoulder and waist. I would feel aches and pains every time the weather was wet. Imagine a young person suffering from severe aches and pains all the time. How could she enjoy her life?

Solution:I relied on non-prescribed medications to ease my menstrual pains. Sometimes, I needed to take 8 painkillers a day, because it only gave me immediate results without solving the problem. As for the pain in my shoulder and waist, I tried Traditional Chinese medicine without avail. Then, in August of 2013, I got to know of Organic Vision and its 9-day Organic Full Detox Program. After undergoing my very first 9-day organic detox, all the aches in my shoulders, waist and tailbone disappeared, and I also lost 10 lbs! It was beyond my wildest expectations. After that, I continued using OV’s ViaGal and the 9-day Detox & Fat Burn Maintenance pack. As a result, my menstrual cycles greatly improved. Since then, I have stopped suffering from dysmenorrhea and other menstrual problems anymore. It has been an amazing experience! For the first time in my adult life, I feel so light and comfortable. My emotions have also improved. Having experienced the power of OV’s quality organic products and detox program, I definitely recommend others to try out their products and undergo he organic detox program!

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