Issue 62.2015

OV’s Trip to Seoul-enjoying the luxury of a 5 star hotel and fine dining!

        The 3 winners of the trip to Seoul were Pursy, Fish and Ducky. Together with company founders Paul and Afreen, they embarked on n exciting eventful vacation in March. They indulged in a luxurious VIP 5 day 4 night stay at the Conrad Seoul, using the hotel’s finest facilities and eating their scrumptious buffet breakfast, and enjoyed breathtaking sceneries. They feasted on the cities delicacies, including Korean BBQ beef, seafood and fried chicken. Would you like to be more than just a by-stander? Then take action now and enter into this year’s Travel Incentive program, with a chance to win trips to Bangkok, Monaco and the South of France!

May & Jun Notice:

May 16
Beauty Talk
- Organic Serums

May 23
Full Detox Pack

May 30
Product Training
Fat Bloc
Basic Skin Care
Best choice OV

Jun 6
Product Training
Fat Burn
Aloe Mix
Best choice OV

Jun 13
Product Training
Reshi Plus
Detox Greens
Best choice OV

Jun 27
Detox Talk
- Detox using Vegan Omegas


The first season of awards ceremony has just finished-let’s recap on the evening’s best moments!

        This year’s first quarterly awards ceremony ended on May 4th. We would like to express a big thank you to all our guests and attendees. This was the first time we had 2 male MCs-Kenneth and Pimond . Thank you boys for your charismatic and entertaining performance that made our audience laugh the night away! The colour theme of the night was turquoise, and we appreciate everyone’s effort to dress up for the occasion! The best dressed award went to Banny-there were no doubts about him stealing the show with his aquamarine Italian suit and crisp white trousers! We also had 7 new Gold and 7 new Silver Enroller Award recipients, as well as 6 new Consultants. A big congratulations to them!

OV’s new mission statement:
“Help You Help Others!”

        As the Awards Night came to a close, everyone anticipated the climax of the evening-the Special Talk. A new arrangement was announced. Starting from this season onwards, there will be a dedicated themed speech at every awards night. Our company’s founder Paul Ng gave this speech entitled: “Help you help others”, highlighting OV’s most important missions-to assist and equip you with the knowledge and skills to help others, and in turn continue to help more people down the line. Let us all continue to work hard to cultivate this spirit, to help others acquire more choices in life, to develop a continuous income and to cultivate optimism and confidence.

100% Organic Chia Seed Oil,
Rich in safe and natural Omega-3s!

        Omega-3s contain endless health benefits, from aiding brain function, to soothing the skin and joints, to preventing cardiovascular diseases. This essential fatty acid has thus become a popular health supplement for many today. So where should we look for the best source of omega-3s? Organic Vision’s latest product Organic Vegan Omegas is your best option to date! We use only 100% USDA certified organic chia seeds, with one of the highest ratio of omega-3s on the market, without any pollutants. It does not go rancid easily, and does not contain any carcinogens. Would you like to know more about this wonderful product? Then we warmly invite you to attend our Product Talk on June 27th, where we will teach you all about the power of the superfood:- chia seed oil. We will also be offering a special Buy 5 get 1 free for our Organic Vegan Omegas. Don’t miss out on this special opportunity!

Organic Vegan Omegas has helped me get rid of years of migraine problems!

Name: Ms. Cheung

Occupation: Housewife

Problem:I have always struggled with migraines for the past 20 years of my life. I would force myself to go to work every day and endure the pain. The most frustrating part was, every month or so, I would get these massive migraine attacks that were so severe they would paralyze me so that I couldn’t go to work or sleep, and would lose all my appetite! In order to try to seek treatment, I would visit both Chinese and western medicine doctors, take painkillers and strong medications. These methods would only offer temporary relief, but my migraine issue would still persist. The doctors even told me that I would never be cured from my ailment.

Solution:In March of this year, I heard about OV’s latest product-Organic Vegan Omegas and how it benefitted blood vessels. I had a lot of confidence in OVs health products, and I was fed up with dealing with the endless agony of my never ending migraines, so I immediately purchased and started taking Organic Vegan Omegas. On my first day, I already noticed my headaches had eased quite quickly to my surprise! Now I have completely rid myself of those sharp, painful migraine attacks, and my lethargy has also improved! Can you imagine how I feel? I am ecstatic and so grateful to OV for making me into a brand new person! I am eager to share my experiences and OVs amazing products with my family and friends, to help them achieve their best health too.

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