Issue 65.2015

This season’s newest Star Consultants!

        Let’s recall what happened on our latest Awards Night- we held the 3rd quarterly Awards Ceremony on October 26th, and we are very happy to announce the renewed Double Star Consultant status of Pursy and the brand new Star Consultant Fanny! Pursy worked very hard to fulfill the updated requirements of this rank with outstanding results. That evening she gave a speech entitled “I can do it, & so can you!”, encouraging her fellow distributors to take control of their own lives. Our new Star Consultant Fanny was also interviewed that evening, she shared her experience of how she achieved personal growth after getting to know Organic Vision, and how she enthusiastically shared the benefits of OV’s products with those around her, she feels very fortunate to helped herself and friends to achieve great health. Congratulations to the both of our Consultants!

Nov Notice:

Nov 7
Product Training
- Immustrong
Hair Skin Bone

Nov 14
Product Training
- Organic Skin Care & Serums

Nov 21
Detox Training #1
- Pre-Gallstone Flush

Nov 28
Detox Training #2
- Health Benefits Of Detox


Recapping highlights from our 3rd annual quarterly Awards Night!

        Aside from the experience of our new Star Consultants, there were many other exciting events that marked the evening. We had the company’s founder Paul give a speech who encouraged the distributors to have the spirit of never giving up, which benefitted all of us greatly. We also had a total of 5 distributors who won the Gold retail Award, 6 who won the Silver Retail Award, 2 who won the Gold Enroll Award, and 5 who won the Silver Enroll Award. They all accepted an interview, and shared their passion for OV’s business opportunity and products. We also had 8 New Consultants who received an award personally from their up lines, whom encouraged them to work harder. We also had a Best dressed award which went to Lily, who wore a sheer sky blue blazer with a sapphire blue printed shift dress. She looked great and matched the theme f the evening! Thank you to the evenings 2 MCs Ivy and Anthony and all the guests and attendees!

OV’s 14 year & running!

        November has a special meaning to us, as this was the month our company was established! We have entered into our 14th year since our establishment. Thank you to all of our distributors and clients who have supported OV throughout the years! We will continue to make improvements in our business plan and our products, to strive for the best in terms of quality. This month we will be hosting our second phase of our Foundational Training Program (FTP)-we have a total of 9 lessons, teaching you how to build a successful OV business. We will begin a new series of detox training classes, teaching you how to begin with a liver cleanse, to completing a 9 day detox program, to attain true health. So what sort of special offers will we have this year? We will announce this very soon, please pay attention to any of our latest updates. Thank you again for everyone’s support. Let us all continue moving forward towards success!

We are offering our Organic Youthful Eye Serum as part of our Full Detox Pack!

        We are offering an even better deal with our Full Detox Pack-which is one which includes our Organic Youthful Eye Serum. We will replace our Basic Skincare kit with a bottle of Organic Youthful Eye Serum. This package deal will still offer you the choice of a bottle of Aloe Fusion or Aloe Mix Powder. The price will remain the same, but you will be saving HKD$150! The Organic Youthful Eye Serum has a total of 9 different peptides, together with our all natural herbal blend, enzymes, anti-oxidants and vitamins. It has wrinkle reducing, moisturizing, and lightening properties, allowing your delicate eye area to maintain its youthful firmness and elasticity, brightening your whole visage! This special offer will only be available for a limited time, so don’t hesitate and miss out on this opportunity. Get your hands on this deal as soon as you can!

Got rid of pneumonia using the Organic Detox System, and improved immune function after surviving cancer treatment!

Problem:I had a big health scare 8 years ago. I was diagnosed with cancer. At the time, I used both Western and Chinese Medical treatments to try to heal myself. Although I have already recovered from my illness, the treatments left a lot of side effects which were very distressing to me. My immune system kept on declining, and I always caught the flu. It became more severe as time passed. Because I underwent radiotherapy while I had cancer, this affected the quality f my lungs and I often find it difficult to breathe. I once had a health checkup in mainland China and found out that I had developed pneumonia. I also often feel lethargic, it is sometimes difficult for me just to walk or even talk. The most memorable health scare I had was in the year 2013 when I contracted a severe case of the flu, I would feel breathless after only saying one word. I would cough up phlegm for 24 hours in a day, I only slept 15 mins in 5 days. It was impossible for me to live a normal life. Can you imagine how exhausted and depressed I became?

Solution: I used a year and a half to try to heal myself with Chinese doctors in mainland China. But this only gave me temporary relief, it could not solve my health issue. My friends tried to introduce me to some alternative therapies, but nothing helped. I also tried taking health supplements from China but with no improvements. Until this year when a friend introduced me Organic Vision’s health supplements, I thought to myself: Since I’ve run out of options, why not give this a try? So from May of this year, I continuously underwent through the Organic Detox Program for a total of 39 days, and continued to take large amounts of OV’s health supplements. After about a month, my pneumonia had miraculously disappeared! Even some of my other health problems such as my gut and bone density issues had significantly improved! I even developed a new bounce in my step and a new outlook in life. I have developed a newfound strength now, and I can live, speak and sleep normally now. I am over the moon!

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