Issue 58.2014

It's a record- Congratulations to our 19 Taiwan Trip Winners-our biggest number to date!

        The most memorable moment at our July Awards Night was the large crowd of winners of the Taiwan Trip Award that gathered on stage to receive their prizes. The atmosphere was so electric. These 19 winners worked hard in developing their business during the months of January to June, and their diligent efforts paid off. They will get the opportunity to travel to Taiwan with OV founders Paul and Afreen on the 16th, visiting amazing attractions and enjoying the country’s famous street food. Please join us on our Taiwan Trip Sharing Night on the 29th!

Sep & Aug Notice:

Health Talk #5
- Prevent Diabetes

Sep 13
Detox Talk #5
- Benefit your liver

Sep 19

Sep 27
Product Talk - BrainPower

Oct 4
Detox Talk (4)
- Benefit your Pancreas

Oct 11
Product Talk
- Triple Defense

Oct 18
Health Talk
- Prevent Allergies

Oct 25


Awards Night Highlights,
Single Consultant and Enroll Awardees!

        Aside from our Taiwan Trip winners, there were more highlights during Awards Night. Congratulations to Jason Hon, our newest Single Consultant. This young leader gave a talk on the theme “Dream” which was very enlightening. We also had a total of 14 Gold Awardees and 4 Silver Awardees. They have put a lot of effort into building their business from April to June. Their experiences were very beneficial to us. And don’t forget our Best Outfit Award winner, Vanessa, whose orange dress shined amongst the rest. A big thank you to our MCs Marco and Ashley, all awardees, guests and participants for making this Awards Night a success!

Recaps on OV Italy Trip,
A Fantastic Journey!

        OV’s 2013 Travel Incentive to Italy has ended. Our winners enjoyed an impressive 14-day holiday! We were able to take a glimpse into their amazing photos of Milan, Venice, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and other famous cities and attractions that they had visited on a special evening on July 21st.They were also able to snap great bargains for what Italy is famous for-clothes and shoes! Visit our website, and you will find some of the picturesque photos of this trip. Set your goal now and you may be amongst the next batch of winners for the next Travel Incentive Destination!

Nutritious Food for Brain!

        Would you like to maintain a sharp mind and high levels of concentration at all times, in order to cope with work or school more efficiently? The key is to nourish your brain with the best nutrients, to keep it functioning in its tip top condition. OV’s BrainPower helps you achieve this! Its natural herbal ingredients boost your energy levels and improve concentration. How is this possible? Come to our product talk on 27th Sept which will be given by Banny. He will introduce its ingredients and functions thoroughly. There will also be a launch of a new flyer, so do not miss this!

New features on E-back Office:
My Enrolled Tree & My Team Tree

E-back office helps Distributors in developing and managing their businesses. Therefore, we continuously improve and upgrade this tool. We are happy to inform every e-commerce user, that you may log into the E-back office and check out two newly added trees in “My Business Info”: (1) My Enrolled Tree, which shows your directly enrolled Distributor list, and their sign up date and ranks; (2) My Team Tree, which shows Distributors in your team, and their sign up date, enroller, sponsor and team allocation. Through these trees you are clearly shown the state of your business growth! We will continue on improving our services to cooperate with our Distributors to make your business building more effective and organized.

Good News for Tablet Users:
PDF version of E-News!

You may have noticed that since last e-news, we issued e-news of both website version and PDF version. The feature of PDF version is that, there is only one piece of news on one page, which makes the layout very simple and easy to read. This can also fit into different screen sizes of tablets and smartphones. Another convenience is that, one PDF file has included three languages: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English, so that you do not have to download them separately. You may find PDF version of e-news in OV website by click into “Opportunity”, then you will find it in “Download Area”.

Organic Detox Eases Skin Allergy,
Emotional problems also relief!

Problem:Hi, I am Ashley. When I was a form 5 student, due to intense stress from school, I suffered from emotional problems. I needed to seek help from social workers and a doctor. A psychiatrist even diagnosed me with depression. I started to have the problem of hormonal imbalance and my skin became allergic. My face was always painful, inflamed and oily. It even hurt when I smiled. On top of that, my skin type is oily and acne prone. As a young girl who enjoys looking pretty, I lost my confidence. My emotions became worse, and I even started to loss hair and have headache. Suffering from this vicious cycle, I felt so depressed.

Solution:I tried many ways to solve my skin problem, including Chinese and Western medication, but they were expensive and could not cure the problem. In 2013, I got to know Organic Vision and its organic products. In May, I decided to undergo a 9-Day organic detox, and after going through it twice, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my allergy problem had disappeared. My face is less inflamed and painful. My acne and oil has also been reduced. Many people notice the changes and give me compliments. Detoxing also helped me release my emotional toxins. I feel much more relaxed now and I don’t need to see a psychiatrist anymore. Another bonus is that every time I complete a detox, I lose about 6lbs. I feel lighter, happier and more confident. Thanks you OV!

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