Issue 64.2015

The winners of the Bangkok Trip have been revealed; let’s now set new targets for the next 6 months!

        2015’s 1st Asia Travel Incentive Award has come to a close, congratulations to the 13 winners! They followed our company’s spirit of “Helping You to Help Others”, enthusiastically telling others about our products and business opportunity. They will soon travel along with company founders Paul and Afreen, to enjoy a food and fun filled vacation for 5 days and 4 nights in November. Now is the time to work towards a new goal. The Travel Incentive Award to Osaka and Kyoto officially began on July 6th. During the calculation period, by enrolling 50 new associates within your team, you may win this prize (pls refer to our poster for more details). Start planning now and help yourself and your team succeed!

Sep & Oct Notice:

Sep 19
Product Training
- Prime Probiotics
Skin Care Basics

Sep 26
Product Training
- Fat Bloc
Organic Youthful Serums

Oct 3
Product Training
- Fat Burn
Organic Aloe Mix

Oct 10
Product Training
- Bee Young
Fat Burn

Oct 17
Product Training
- Fat Bloc
Prime Probiotics

Oct 24
Product Training
- Eye Birht
Vegan Omegas

Oct 31
Product Training
- Organic Aloe Mix
Shampoo & Conditioner


An exciting Second Quarterly Awards Evening, filled with applause and bountiful awards!

        You probably had a memorable impression of July’s second Quarterly Awards Evening, being as it was a joyous and fun filled evening. The theme colour of the evening was yellow, and our distributors were all decked out to the nines to attend this event, making it a very sunny, bright evening! The evening began with our exuberant MCs Pimond and Ivy, who interviewed and awarded our 6 New Star Consultants, 4 Retail Gold Awardees and 8 Retail Silver Awardees and our 5 New Consultants were personally awarded by their up lines. The most exciting part of the evening was the interview and speech with the Travel Incentive Award Winners, they shared their personal experiences whilst striving towards winning this prize, to encourage the audience to do the same thing. Thank you to all the guests and participants of the evening, who contributed to an exhilarating Awards Night!

A new business training system:- The Foundation Training Program (FTP) and Leadership Training (LT) has officially begun!

        We have always cared about the quality of our training programs, in order to benefit our diligent distributors who are serious about building their businesses. Which is why from August onwards, our training meetings will have a new arrangement: (1) A Basic Lesson on FTP every Monday, 9 classes per course, enrollment requirements include joining e-commerce and being an Associate. There will be a different speak each class discussing a range of topics, to slowly train distributors on how to expand their businesses. Motivating speeches will also be given, which our distributors can benefit greatly from. (2) Twice a month on a Tuesday, LT lessons will be held, to cultivate leadership qualities amongst our distributors, those who are determined to succeed in their OV businesses should not miss out on this program! Enrollment requirements include having completed the FTP and entered into the Travel Incentive Awards Program. Our new training programs are limited to distributors who qualify. Don’t hesitate and enroll now!

Release of the Cantonese Organic Detox Tutorial, Ready for viewing online!

        We began hosting our 4 part detox training program on a Saturday in August, teaching you how to undergo an Organic Detox Program step by step. Within each session, we played a short detox tutorial clip. However, there was something a little different about the clip this time round. We’ve have added a Cantonese voice over to our original English version. We hope that this will help local Hong Kongers understand our tutorials better. This will also be more convenient for distributors to use it as a marketing tool. We have already placed this new series of Cantonese tutorials onto Youtube-to enable the public to view it online. Please feel free to visit our website and take a look at these new videos. Great news! The Mandarin edition of our detox tutorials are currently under production. Stay tuned for further updates.

What is so unique about OV’s products? Saturday’s Product Training will show you!

        Organic Vision’s health supplements and personal care products are well admired by our consumers and distributors alike, as they stand out amongst other products in the industry, guaranteeing safety, health and effectiveness. How does it accomplish this? Come join our Saturday Product Training Meeting and you will come to understand why! 2 products will be highlighted during each meeting, explaining the superiority of our ingredients, benefits and pricing. We will also show you the 4 main specialties of OV’s products, helping you understand why OV’s products are your best option to date! Sept 9th will be discussing ‘Prime Probiotics” and the “Basic Skincare Kit”. We warmly welcome you and your families to attend!

Say goodbye to years of eczema and digestion problems, forgoing medication with the help of the Organic Detox!

Name: Roy Hon

Problem:In the past, my face, joints and feet were full of eczema. I would be covered in abscesses which bled often, which severely affected my appearance. It often itched, so I ended up scratching myself a lot till I was all sore. It was so uncomfortable that it even affected the quality of my sleep. This affected my moods as well, I often felt tired and anxious. I did not follow a healthy diet either, which meant I constantly had digestion problems. I always felt bloated, and I often worried I would soon develop severe bowel disease.

Solution: In order to heal my eczema, I tried many traditional methods, which included ingesting and applying steroids, but this method did not get rid of the root cause of my problem. Later on, through my younger brother, I came to know about Organic Vision’s products. At first, I only used the “Prime Probiotics” and immediately felt an improvement in my digestion, so I developed confidence in this product. Later on I decided to do a 9 day Organic Detox as well as a liver cleanse. What surprised me was that my eczema had drastically improved! I am no longer dry and itchy on the areas where I used to have eczema, and my skin has slowly revived it’s healthy colour. I don’t even need to take my steroid medications anymore! Another benefit is that I have lost over 8 lbs of body weight. In addition, my digestive tract has recovered, even my belly has disappeared! Am so happy to be able to regain my health and happiness!

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