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9 Day Detox 2-5-2

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    9 Day Detox 2-5-2

    According to the World Health Organization, obesity has become an alarming global pandemic. 2 out of 3 Americans are overweight, with 15% being children. Such shocking figures demand a drastic change in our eating habits and lifestyle. But just how can we jump-start weight loss without sabotaging our health?

    Being overweight does not merely make one feel unattractive, but more seriously, it increases the risk of diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Such life threatening diseases can be prevented by losing weight. But is that enough? Statistics show that our health may not necessarily improve simply by losing weight.

    Imagine acquiring the newest, most innovative secret to losing weight quickly and effectively, while gaining insurmountable health benefits. How would you feel losing 5-15 lbs in just 9 days, whilst getting rid of joint pain? Wouldn't it be great seeing your cholesterol and blood pressure drop as your body fat percentage decreases?

    Recent studies have shown that detoxifying our bodies not only eliminates fat cells, but at the same time rejuvenates our organ systems. Armed with this newest scientific research, our doctors have gone one step further, by formulating a detox plan, to provide you with the highest quality and safest products. Finally, you can lose weight, without experiencing the negative side effects from traditional dieting methods

    Our 9 Day Detox 2-5-2 is formulated for those who wish to lose weight as well as detox. We have added our Triple Defense Pack of supplements, which includes an array of nutrient packed and immune boosting vegetables, fruits, herbs and fungi. Reishi Plus is a concoction of powerful mushrooms that strengthens your immune system, while Bee Young contains bee products that may help to reduce the effects of aging. ImmuStrong is a potent formula of immune enhancing ingredients to help your body fight against various illnesses. This beautiful combination of nature's very best foods helps to accelerate the detox process, efficiently getting rid of toxins which have accumulated in your joints, colon, liver, kidney etc. over the years. The result? You will be renewed and refreshed from the inside out, looking and feeling younger, more vibrant, and attractive. You will literally glow with newfound health and vitality!

    9 Day Detox 2-5-2 benefits

    • Blast away fat cells
    • Get rid of water retention
    • Lose weight safely and effectively
    • Revitalize your metabolism
    • Sculpt a new svelte physique


    This concentrated and specialized package offers what it delivers:- fast, thorough fat burning and water retention relieving results! A more basic package aimed specifically at helping you target your weight loss goals.

    By incorporating this package as part of your daily diet and regular lifestyle, you will easily be able to take control of your physique. Our supplements provided in this package likeFat Bloc and Fat Burn will help supplement your daily meals to help you stay slim and fit.


    EFFICIENT:Immediate results!

    CONVENIENT:Whip up this package every time you need to scale down your size.

    SAFE:All products are made with organic ingredients found in nature