9-Day Maintenance

So now that you have successfully completed your 9 day detox and fat burn program, what next? Well as with any successful journey, consistency and effort is required to maintain good results. This is why we have formulated our 9 day maintenance pack, to equip you with the basic tools for maintaining your weight loss results.

Our 9 day maintenance pack includes Organic Aloe Fusion, a tasty Aloe Vera drink which helps our body remove toxins from our digestive tract; Detox Greens, a mixture of juice powders extracted from 20 different types of organically grown vegetables; Fat-Burn, a supplement containing Guarana & celery seed which boosts our daily energy levels; and ,Fat-Bloc, which contains LipoSan Ultra Chitosan which reduces the absorption of fats, pectin and oat powder which reduces the assimilation of carbohydrates.

Recommendation  While adhering to the new principles of eating you have learnt while on your 9 day detox and fat burn program, you can maintain your new trimmer figure with these few key products, while still enjoying meals out and social events. A big wedding feast coming up? No problem. Simply take 3 capsules of Fat Bloc and enjoy your meal without worry. Take 1 or 2 capsules of Fat Burn daily to flush out excess water weight and give your metabolism an extra boost. Take 2-4 capsules of Detox Greens daily to supplement your diet with plant based vitamins and minerals. Drink a glass of Aloe Fusion daily to assist in digestion and toxin waste removal.

9 Day Detox Maintenance benefits

  • Maintains your ideal weight effortlessly
  • Helps keep the excess pounds at bay
  • Use it anytime the scale starts to creep up
  • Enjoy eating what you like without worrying about your size


By incorporating this package as part of your daily diet and regular lifestyle, you will easily be able to take control of your physique. Our supplements provided in this package likeFat Bloc and Fat Burn will help supplement your daily meals to help you stay slim and fit.


CONVENIENT: can be taken anytime, anywhere.

EFFICIENT: A proven way to manage your weight & appetite

SIMPLE: No fuss