Founders & Directors

Organic Vision was founded by husband and wife Paul & Afreen Ng, who had the vision of starting an innovative Direct Sales company specializing in producing certified organic health supplements, drinks and personal care products, one of the very first in the Asian market. Our products were designed with the family in mind-environmentally friendly, non-toxic, wholesome organic products which are safe enough for children to ingest and apply on their bodies.

Paul & Afreen dreamed of creating a company to help people from all walks of life, even those with little education background to have the opportunity to have more choices in life, to be able to go from rags to riches. They wanted a company which had integrity, was generous towards its distributors, and provided a systemized and empowering personal development and business educational system. They hope to incite to people’s higher moral values as business leaders, and to attract like-minded entrepreneurs with a passion and drive to make a difference in their lives through our one of a kind products and marketing plan.