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The first step to your First Detox program is to rebalance your digestive tract with Organic Vision’s Prime Probiotic supplement. Our product features 14 different strains of beneficial bacteria to rebalance, repopulate and heal the gut flora. This is an extremely potent blend of probiotics, with 7.5 billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units) of probiotics per capsule, guaranteed at expiration. We use a digestive resistant capsule, allowing it to withstand the digestive acids of the stomach, to reach the intestines, where the probiotics are needed.

Shelf Life

We have manufactured our probiotics in a method to extend their shelf life by keeping them in a dormant state, meaning no refrigeration required. This allows them to have a longer life expectancy, which gives you more value for your money!


Prime Probiotics also contains extracts of fermented soy and sea vegetable extract as prebiotics. Prebiotics are food supplies for probiotics, ensuring that they have enough nutrients to continue multiplying in our gut.

Civil War

We want to saturate our gut with as much probiotics to start a “civil war” between the bad bacteria and the good bacteria, so to speak. To accomplish this, we recommend taking 9 capsules of Prime Probiotics first thing in the morning after waking up, and another 9 capsules right before bed. Such a high dosage is needed until the good bacteria from the probiotics kills off most of the unwanted bad bacteria in your gut.

It is crucial to take these supplements on an empty stomach, to allow the probiotics to travel down your digestive tract and reach your intestines without interruptions. During this process, you will start to experience a lot of gas in your abdominal area. As the bad bacteria are killed off, they produce an unpleasant odor, resulting in flatulence. When this happens, do not worry. It is a good sign that the treatment is working!

Towards the end of the “civil war”, when the majority of the bad bacteria has been killed off, you will also start to notice a change in your stools. They will become thicker, denser and longer than usual. This is a good sign, as it indicates the waste material from the dead bacteria have been passed out from your body.


After this has occurred, you may start to reduce your dosage of Prime Probiotics by one capsule each day. As you slowly reduce, note the difference. Once you reach a dosage level where you start to experience some discomfort, such as in your bowel movements, increase your dosage by one capsule. This is your personal and unique dosage, only you yourself will find the best amount for your digestive tract.