Paul Ng joined the Direct Selling industry at the young age of 20.

Working as a hotel clerk at the time, he was initially attracted to the warm and positive atmosphere of the business training courses provided by Amway, the American direct selling company that took Hong Kong by storm in the 1980's. He was also intrigued by the concept of freedom that the industry promised-the freedom he would attain by running his very own business.

Paul was a diligent student and fast learner, learning how to develop his own business network by consistently attending all of Amway's training seminars. After only a week's time, he knew that this was what he wanted to do with his life. He fully immersed himself into building his business, never once missing a business training session. Ever the eager student, he recorded all of the talks by the company's business leaders, and bought books on all the success stories of fellow distributors who made it in the industry.

Paul eagerly used all of Amway's products, and enthusiastically sharing them with his family, friends and colleagues. It was not an easy ride and he was no stranger to rejection. "Some of my friends thought I was crazy" he recalls. However, public opinion did not matter to him for he had established a goal in mind and nothing could stop him. A quiet and reserved person by nature, he overcame his fears and learnt how to become a good public speaker. He organized and conducted group training meetings, including training his business teams on how to sell products and train others on building their own business. Determined to make his business a success, he had to also quit some old habits such as gambling- a favorite past time of his.

Amway provided Paul with a wonderful education and stepping stone for his future career in the MLM industry. "We call Amway the equivalent of the Shaolin Kung Fu training school of the Network Marketing industry. We received the best educational training system that transformed ordinary people from all walks of life into leaders in the business world," he reminisces fondly. Later on in life, Paul channeled all the knowledge and experience he acquired from Amway into helping a new American network marketing company Forever Living Products (FLP) in rebuilding their business and brand image. It was not an easy task as the company had just collapsed a few years before he joined, and the overall atmosphere was rather negative. Paul was later on invited to become Forever Living Product's General Manager of Hong Kong in 1993. Together with his wife and business partner Afreen, they helped the company generate a profit growth of 2350% from when they first started. At the height of the company's expansion, business award rallies were being held at the grand Hong Kong Coliseum. So what was his secret to success?

"A good multi-level marketing company has high integrity at the management level, understands the industry well so that they appreciate their distributors. Distributors also need to develop their own educational system to help their own network of people," he states. After a brief period working as a Consultant to the founders of the network marketing company Nu Life International Limited, Paul and his wife Afreen decided to venture off and create their very own company. Thus, Organic Vision was born.

Organic Vision was created to start a legacy to help people with no educational background to go from rags and riches. Paul and Afreen wanted to build a company which was generous towards their distributors, had integrity, and provided a systemized and empowering personal development and business educational system. They wanted to attract like minded people with an entrepreneurial drive and to incite people's higher moral values as business leaders. So what does the future hold for Organic Vision?

"We hope to create more and better products, and to become one of the largest multi-level marketing companies in Hong Kong."