Candy Ng

As a yoga teacher and detox health coach, many people don’t believe I am 69 years old. I have also been a vegetarian for more than 30 years and has always adhered to the concept of health-is-first.

I learnt about organic foods when I joined OV 20 years ago. I love that OV continually teaches everyone to detoxify and fast.

I know how to really improve your immunity and make it difficult for viruses to invade. I have always liked to help others, and hope to help you achieve your health goals.

Melissa Wong

My mother used to suffer from high blood pressure. Despite seeing the doctor often, she still suffered from frequent headaches and the side effects of medication.

I absorbed new health knowledge, and used OV’s method to treat her. Not only had her headaches disappeared, her joints and gastrointestinal problems improved too. I broke the old concept that “health deteriorates with age".

Now I can confidently say, "Health is wealth." I am happy to continue to use our method to help others, and help you.


Ducky Leung

Worried about worsening liver issues?
Fatty liver index not optimal?
Who will take care of family if something happens to you?

Let me, a consultant specializing in liver detoxification, help you.
I will understand your test report, make you understand what's really going on in your body, and guide you to restore your liver's capability.
Reverse liver problems without waiting until liver cirrhosis creeps up. Don’t let your family worry about you.
Eager to start on this journey? Click below.

Lily Cheung

Since childhood, I have had digestive, thyroid, emotion and skin problems. I had tried Chinese and Western medicine for many years without improvement.

In 2004, I joined OV, focusing on expanding my nutrition education, after understanding the value of organic food. Finally, I found an effective organic solution and improved my own health, prompting me to become a detox health coach.

I’ll utilize my own personal experience overcoming my sicknesses and experiences helping others to help you.


Frankie Au

Having reached the magical age of 60 this year, I've been blessed since I started to engage in the healthcare product industry 30 years ago.

Peers think I don't look 60. I’ve not only helped myself, but many close relatives and friends gain their health and lives back too.

I've been with OV since the start in 2001, through the SARS virus in 2003 and COVID-19, and am glad so many are now aware of the importance of good health, especially having strong immunity.

Eric Lam

Being interested in medicine since young, I studied chemistry at university. After graduation, I worked in a pharmaceutical company, so I have an understanding of the pharmacology.

I met OV and I realized that there are natural methods to cure diseases without harmful side effects. The effects are better, without needing lifelong medicine.

If you have any doubts, I can answer and help; no longer worry about big medical expenses in the future!


Vanessa Lui

Senior nutrition and health consultant with over 8-years of experience.
Specializing in weight loss, reversal of three highs and emotional disorders.
Awarded by IBH:
Professional Health Detox L5 Instructor
Professional Health Detox L6 Training Director
2022 International "Star" Detox Health Coach Award
In 2019, invited by HKUST to give a lecture on detoxification.
In 2013, won the China Youth Creative Competition Award.
Interviewed by ViuTV Channel 99.
Hosted 10 episodes of’s Health Program.

Kaley Hung

Being a post-90s HK girl, I use to just live in a daze. Joining OV was a major turning point in my life.

Many people work hard, exchanging their time and health for money, but at the end, exchange it all back for health. I thought this was normal in the past.

At OV, I’m determined to help more people take their health back in their own hands.

I’ve helped friends deal with chronic diseases, including three highs, thyroid disorders & obesity. I can help you, and hope to be friends with


So Shuk Yee

When younger, I didn't like sports, didn't know how to take care of my body, and had a weak immune system. Thankfully, I was introduced to OV’s concept on health.

I love how OV’s detox teaches families to pick healthy food, detoxify naturally and boost immune systems.

If you ask yourself, “How do I know which diet is best for me? How can I improve my health problems? How to choose health supplements?”, now I have become a detox coach with a lot of health knowledge, I can definitely help you.

Mellina Li

I came to Hong Kong as a new immigrant in 2015 and found that the concept of health in Hong Kong is different from what I learned in the mainland.

At OV over the past 6 years, I have learned a lot of correct nutrition knowledge to help friends with chronic diseases such as obesity, joint pain, thyroid and other problems. By changing our diet and upgrading our metabolism, we help our body to recover.

I am eager to help you achieve a better life through my own experience and knowledge in health!


Ashley Chueng

9 years ago, having suffered from diabetes for many years, my grandfather chose to end his life. Determined not to let others have to face that too, I started pursuing health knowledge and courage. I joined OV soon after.

I’ve helped many friends improve their health, with some even recovering from diabetes and high blood pressure within 2 months!

I deeply feel that health is precious. I will continue with a loving heart to help people regain their health and share good times with family and friends!

Jason Hon

I developed eczema on my body 6 years ago, and was terrified that it would spread and affect my work and social life.

At OV, I was fortunate to understand the root cause of my eczema and cured myself using OV’s detox. I shared this natural method and guided more than 50 friends suffering from eczema, including children and adults, to finally improving.

I will design unique menus for you or your loved one and offer 1-to-1 follow-up, so that you can finally cure both the symptoms and the root cause.


James Li

Before I got to know OV, I wasn’t sure of my path. Afterwards though, not only have I developed health knowledge and self-confidence, I have found my direction as a detox health coach.

I used OV’s detox to help rid myself of pre-hypertension and proudly lost 50 pounds permanently. I have not seen a doctor in 7 years!

Not only would I love to help you use the best organic products to detox from any toxins gotten during this pandemic, I hope to someday make a coach out of you too!

May Lam

For many years, my respiratory system was very weak, and I had tons of back pain. I tried traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine without much avail.

After trying OV’s organic detox system I realized how powerful it was, stimulating rapid detoxification and rebuilding our cells. That prompted me to learn nutritional and scientific knowledge to become a detox coach. I haven’t taken any medication for 8 years!

I love to help people who want to stay away from the pains of illness.