Perveen Crawford DIRECTOR

Mrs. Perveen Crawford is a well-known socialite and public personality in Hong Kong, known for her outstanding personal achievements and continued support in many different charities.

As a Director of Organic Vision, she promotes our image as an innovative cutting edge company with the best organic health products Asia has to offer.

As a soon-to-be astronaut for Virgin Galactic, she further promotes our products as ones which help her prepare physically for the demands of outer space.

Achievements & Contributions

Cathay Pacific

  • 1st Miss Interline - Hong Kong
  • 1st Miss Airline International - Miami USA


  • 1st Female Private Pilot in Hong Kong

Virgin Galactic

  • 1st Female Astronaut from Hong Kong
    - Hong Kong Founder Astronaut


  • H.K. Federation of Women - Vice President
  • Royal Over-Seas League - Vice President