Next step? Cell rejuvenation using the best building blocks. This is where Organic Vision’s whole food supplements come in.


This is because the building material we require to rebuild, enhance and rejuvenate each and every single cell is extremely important. As you have now turned on your spring cleaning mode switch through fasting, this is the most critical time to flood your body with the correct quantity of micronutrients in the form of super foods, to jumpstart your cell rebuilding process. Since we cannot eat any solid foods during fasting, Organic Vision’s whole food supplements provide you with an overflow of nutrients to each and every single cell of your body without breaking your fast.

What this means to you is, if you ingest the correct type and quantity of micronutrients during this crucial time period, in the form of vegetarian whole food supplements from Organic Vision, you will then be able to reconstruct stronger, healthier new cells for your body. This will provide you with an enhanced cell reconstruction experience, compared to fasting on its own. These new cells, in turn, can help rebuild whole new organs and organ systems, one cell at a time! Talk about a total body rejuvenation technique.


One important reason is that Organic Vision whole food supplements are created using a method which retains all the live enzymes, nutrients, minerals, vitamins of the organic herbs, vegetables and fruits! Instead of singularly extracting specific vitamins, enzymes or minerals from our organic plants, we have preserved the bountiful medley of jam packed goodness these plants have to offer.

Why is that so different from other supplements in the market? Why not simply take general multi-minerals and vitamins?

Think about it. Nature offers us whole plants, not isolated vitamins. Taking isolated vitamin pills depletes your body’s minerals and enzyme reserves, as they do not contain natural enzymes to help with the assimilation and absorption of the vitamin itself! Organic Vision's supplements, on the other hand, contain naturally occurring enzymes to enhance your body's ability to absorb all the nutrients from these organic plants.

To illustrate, how useful would a smart phone be if you could only take pictures? Obviously not a lot. You wouldn’t be able to text, go on GPS, set your alarm clock or plan your weekly schedule. The same concept applies to vitamins and minerals. Singular isolated vitamins are like one single feature of a smart phone. It has one good purpose, such as the camera for taking photos, but it cannot accomplish a lot overall. Similarly, simply taking Vitamin C is not bad in itself, but it does not go very far in terms of benefitting your body.

Why can’t I simply absorb my essential nutrients from the juices I drink during my fast, and the food I will be eating after my fast?

This is simply because it if very difficult to absorb the needed amount of micronutrients simply through juicing or eating! While freshly juiced raw vegetable juices are wonderfully high in enzymes and nutrients, it is really hard to drink enough to provide your body with the optimal quantity of minerals and vitamins. To give an example, just one of our products ‘ImmuStrong’ contains over 40 organically grown vegetables, fruits and seawater plants!

Imagine trying to shop for, wash, prepare, and juice all of these organic plants in your juices during your fast! Realistic much? We do not think so! That is why we have made life simpler for you by adding these potent little capsules of super foods to your detox program. Simply swallow them with your liquids!

During your 30 day Organic Detox, you will be taking Organic Vision’s whole food supplements during your refeeding days. This is also extremely important because imagine trying to find, buy, and eat all of these plants all at the same time! It would be almost physically impossible and highly difficult. Especially in their organic forms.