Born and raised in the former Yugoslavia, modern day Serbia, Kathy has always been raised around herbs and herbal remedies.

She moved to Canada shortly after graduation from university in hopes of a better life and future. Her first job was working as a lab technician and chemist at Glaxo Smith Klein. Slowly moving up the ranks, she eventually ran their whole manufacturing, with her specialty in injectables for veterinary use.

In the 1980s, Kathy decided to start her own injectable company in Arizona for 10 yrs. She joined in a partnership with a company based in California manufacturing dietary supplements. She started doing their liquid division and testing for them in 1990, during the early stages of the industry boom in dietary supplements, producing products for health companies such as Trader Joes.

In 1993 Kathy opened her own company. Her inspiration to start the company was to produce what people wanted at the time-dietary supplements. It was such a new industry, but she had so much experience from injectibles and pharmaceuticals, so she was accustomed to formulating and testing everything for purity, composition and strength.

When it comes to the products Kathy formulates for companies such as Organic Vision, quality always comes first.

Having a strongly ingrained background using herbs for medicinal purposes back in Yugoslavia, where pharmacists also act as herbalists, Kathy enjoys the switch from pharmaceuticals to dietary herbal supplements, drinks and skin care she formulates today.