Afreen Khan CEO

Ever the natural born health enthusiast, Afreen Khan was only 18 years old when she began her health coaching journey. Over the years, she gained a tremendous amount of experience helping and coaching people on nutrition, whilst working for various direct selling companies in the health industry. She is also a graduate from Stanford University with a diploma in Nutrition Counseling.

In 2001, Afreen and her husband Paul decided to create their own company. Their goal? To provide one of a kind, high quality organic health products in Hong Kong. They foresaw a missing gap within the health industry in Hong Kong and Asia which was blossoming in Europe and North America at the time, for organic foods and products, and decided to become innovators and pioneers by creating this niche local market.

A huge motivating factor that created the drive to start her own brand came from the fact that Afreen was a mother to three young children at the time. She found it extremely difficult to find safe, natural personal care products that she could use on her kids.

"Being a health conscious mother, I have always been careful in choosing the best quality of food for my family, especially my 3 kids. But little did I know how everything we applied to our skin had such a huge impact on our overall health. Being a mom who always put the health and safety of my children first, that really shocked me. I remember reading a book that listed out all the carcinogenic ingredients found in shampoo. I went immediately into my own bathroom to look at the ingredients in our shampoos, shower gels, face washes and moisturizers. After counting all the different cancer-causing ingredients, I felt so disturbed that I knew I had to do something about it. I needed to let other mothers know about these dangers, and I needed to look for safer alternatives."

Equipped with my newfound passion and drive, she found the spark she was looking for that inspired her to know exactly the type of products she wanted to create for her company. High quality health and personal care products which were 100% safe for the entire family to use, without exposing them to risks to their health.

That's where the concept and vision of Organic Vision was created. Family orientated, environmentally friendly, wholesome, organic products which were safe enough for even babies to ingest and apply on their bodies.

Afreen also noticed a missing gap in the market for health food supplements and vitamins at the time.

"There are so many different vitamins and mineral supplements in the market. So I wanted to create something different. Instead of just isolated minerals and vitamins, I wanted to produce whole vegetarian food supplements which are organically grown, juiced, while preserving all of the plant's wonderful enzymes, amino acids, and anti-oxidants."

Afreen hopes that Organic Vision will continue to help people transform their health and their lives one step at a time. She has also personally created a training course to help all those who are interested and passionate about health, nutrition and helping people, to become qualified professional health coaches like herself!