Autoship Program

Our Autoship Program is an optional 12 month contract that our distributors can enjoy. It allows you to purchase a minimum of 680 BV worth of products on a monthly basis to maintain your active status in our marketing plan.


  1. Save BVs (business value points) to obtain future profit bonuses
  2. Maintain an active rank all year round
  3. Enjoy an extra 5% off if you collect the products yourself or select the paid shipping option or
    Enjoy free delivery when delivering to local addresses excluding outlying islands


Autoship applications can be made through our online distributor login area.

Date of Commencement

  • Autoship applications can only be processed from the 1st to 28th of any month. The 29th,30th or 31st cannot be used as Autoship start dates.
  • Applications take 1 work day to process. Applications handed in on the 29th, 30th or 31st will be processed on the 1st of the next month.

Autoship Delivery Date

Your Autoship Delivery Date is the same date as you chose as your date of commencement. All Autoship purchases must be made at least one day before your delivery date in order to maintain your active status with our company..

Autoship default order

This refers to the set of products you choose when you apply for our Autoship program that you will receive every month unless you choose otherwise.


Any changes in your Autoship’s default order, including pre-selected product, address, or payment information, must be made by email to Organic Vision. Alternatively, you can contact the Distributor Services at our Organic Vision Office or call 852-2191-9991 during our business hours located at the ‘Contact Us’ section on our website.

Monthly Autoship is paid through the Autoship payment form that must be amended and paid once every month by Distributors. Distributors may also go to their account and find Autoship Amendment and select the link - 'Purchase Autoship' to view more details.

Delivery Service/Shipping

For delivery and shipping, please use English for your address.

Autoship orders begin shipping as soon as the orders have been processed.


Your Autoship contract automatically renews every 12 months unless you send in a notice 30 days prior to your last order date notifying us of the change.

Cancelling your Autoship

Distributors may cancel his/her Autoship at any time by sending Organic Vision a notice 30 days prior before your selected end date. All discounts enjoyed during this period must be refunded to Organic Vision as the contract for the 12 months has been broken.

Automatic Deactivation

If the payment was not completed on time, your Autoship status will automatically revert to inactive and all bonus value accumulated over this time will be reset to 0.

If the Distributor does not provide notice of the cancellation of their Autoship, or refuses to refund all discounts enjoyed over this period of time, Organic Vision reserves the right to deactivate the Distributor’s business center until further notice.