Organic Vision's Marketing Plan

Bond Team Plan

Direct selling is one of the best methods of creating business opportunities for you. It is a fast and straight forward way to introduce products into the consumer market. Not only that, but distributors can provide personal service to their customers. Our exciting marketing plan – our Bond Team Plan – allows you to do this.

Multiply your earnings

Through direct selling, you can create a network of like minded people who work together to promote our products. In turn you help each other to broaden your networks reaching more people and multiplying your earnings.

Being your own boss

Distributors can work as their own boss.They choose when they want to work and how they want to do it. They decide themselves how much effort they are willing to put into the business. The greater the effort, the more rewards they will reap.

High potential earnings

Our Bond Team Plan offers an exciting way for the company and the distributors to work together. It is easy to understand and rewards those who put forth the effort. It is designed to result in a win-win situation.