So how are we going to fast during Organic Vision’s Detox? By drinking juiced raw vegetables!


Juicing vegetables in their raw form allows us to easily access and absorb the high quantity of live enzymes which are abundant in raw vegetables! Studies have indicated that consuming raw enzymes can help prevent and fight chronic diseases*. Enzymes found in raw vegetables act as our internal detergent. They help dissolve all the bacteria, viruses, and parasites floating in the bloodstream, that are causing damage to our various organs.

This means to you, that by juicing raw vegetables, you are providing your body with more ammunition to destroy health sabotaging particles in your bloodstream. You are also providing your white blood cells, and your entire immune system, more power and strength to fight and destroy pathogens that are damaging your health. You will make your detox more thorough and efficient, so that you can heal faster. This brings your healing experience to a whole other level!

Raw vegetable juice, especially those with a green color such as cucumbers and celery, are also rich in chlorophyll, which further helps the body detoxify and circulate oxygen. It also balances the body’s pH by reducing acidity, preventing a host of chronic illnesses. This means that you will experience better blood circulation during your detox, which will also provide you with more energy and vigor. You will also be doing your body a favor by creating an environment where future disease would have no chance to even develop in the first place!


  • Reduction in body fat, particularly fat stored around the internal organs (visceral or abdominal fat)
  • Reduction in insulin resistance, resulting in a decreased risk of diabetes
  • Lower blood cholesterol, resulting in a decreased risk of heart disease
  • Reduction in inflammation, aiding inflammatory conditions such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis etc…