Many of us have struggled with emotional eating at some point in our lives. We turn to food for comfort when we feel stressed, anxious, sad, lonely, depressed or bored. The Organic Detox can help you get rid of this bad habit for good by re-training your brain and stomach to truly understand real hunger signals, both psychologically and physically.

By putting yourself on a regimented eating schedule during the course of your detox program, as well as getting rid of unhealthy cravings by cutting out all your binge triggering foods, the Organic Detox aims to slowly and surely re-educate you on developing a healthy relationship with food. Instead of eating to overcome negative feelings, our coaches will aid you in facing your emotional issues!

We will also help you re-balance your leptin and ghrelin levels, hormones which are in charge of controlling appetite. As you slowly get rid of toxins from your body, your hormones will naturally start to re-balance themselves (with the aid of some of our powerful supplements of course!)

Leptin is the hormone which inhibits hunger, whilst ghrelin creates feelings of hunger. Once these 2 are harmonized by feeding your body only what it truly needs as energy, and re-training our minds on correct portion sizes and essential macro-nutrients, your body will start to naturally tune in to correct eating times.

The beauty of this transformation is that you will start to crave “healthy” rather than “junk” foods to nourish your body, and you will automatically know when to stop eating! You will finally be free of the desire to use food as an emotional crutch, and use it simple as a means to give your body fuel to live your life to the fullest!