Born in Canada and raised in Arizona, Mimi has always passionate about medicine and science. After graduating from the University of California, Davis, with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Biology and Psychology, minoring in Chemistry and Philosophy, she immediately joined her mother Kathy in starting up their mother daughter company. The current CEO of her own manufacturing company, Mimi strives to produce top quality ingredients for all her clients, using the least amount of ingredients and minimizing the use of synthetic products

"Quality always comes first," she says, " I visit the crops of our ingredient sources, and we always test them out before going into production whether it's appearance, smell or consistency."

Mimi manufactures Organic Vision's Aloe drinks, and the aloe is sourced from Texas. Mimi personally visits the aloe fields and sees firsthand how the aloe is grown and harvested. "The aloe which we choose is of a superior quality to other aloes in the market. A lot of companies simply choose any type of aloe available. We select only the very best, and harvest them retaining all their live nutrients. As the aloe plant is being picked, its skins are removed and the pulp is immediately freeze dried without any damage to its enzymes.

Mimi is also in charge of producing Organic Vision's wonderful Organic Skincare line, including our youth enhancing facial serums. Mimi's inspiration for creating her own skincare products began when she disliked the ingredients she saw being used in the skincare market for her mother and children. That's when she discovered the amazing healing abilities of peptides-short chain amino acids which are the prime ingredient in our serums.

"It just made sense to me. If you ingest protein to heal your body from the inside, why not apply proteins onto your skin to heal it from the outside?"