What is the Detoxification Process?

You've heard of polluted food, water, air - things that are out there. But did you know the same pollution is also in you?

The average person today has almost 300 toxic chemicals in his or her blood. These chemicals, which can cause anything from liver damage to cancer, come from the the air we breathe, the food we eat, water, buildings, pesticides, and from the millions of consumer products that we use each day. According to recent research, the toxic chemicals in our cell phones, our computers, our perfumes, our shaving cream, and our clothes are present in our bodies. Our blood harbors pesticides, consumer product ingredients, and wastes from burning coal, gasoline, and garbage!

How does your body do it?

Your body keeps itself clean and healthy through cooperation. Many organs cooperate with one another to keep clean blood pumping through your veins, and pure nutrients traveling to your cells. The filtering abilities of your skin, lungs and digestive tract are your first defense against harmful substances. When a harmful substance makes it in, your liver and kidneys have the job of neutralizing it. Then they send the neutralized substance to your colon, bladder, skin or lungs to be expelled.

Your skin can only filter out water-soluble chemicals. Fat-soluble substances (like those in lotions) are absorbed directly into your bloodstream. The same goes for your lungs. The fat-soluble substances you inhale, including all neurotoxins (toxic to your brain), enter right into your bloodstream.

The digestive tract has a more complex filtering system designed to handle the more complex range of substances it encounters. A healthy gastrointestinal barrier (including the stomach, large and small intestines) blocks some of the toxins and sends them directly to the colon. But most toxins that enter the digestive tract are sent to the liver. The liver uses enzymes and antioxidants to chemically neutralize toxins. Your kidneys have the important job of filtering out the toxins that make it into your blood stream. On average, they process about 200 quarts of blood per day to sift out 2 quarts of waste product.

This cooperative detoxification process works well with a "normal" toxic load in a healthy, natural environment. However, when the toxic exposure is too high and the organs are compromised, toxins are deposited in your fat cells for "temporary" storage. If and when blood toxicity levels decrease, these stored toxins can then be released into the bloodstream and the process starts again - hopefully with more success.


Toxic Accumulation leads to disease

A heavy toxic load can overwork and damage these organs, leaving your body with a seriously compromised ability to detoxify. When your body is taking in more toxins than it can safely filter out, it will try to protect itself by stashing more and more toxins in fat cells. Many diseases and conditions are caused by this type of toxic accumulation.

In the course of daily modern life we are each exposed to more toxins than the detoxification process can safely handle. In the past 50 years, we have experienced an unbelievable increase in harmful toxins in our food and environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), approximately 70,000 chemical substances are presently manufactured or processed for commercial use in the United States, and almost 1,000 more are introduced each year.

These chemicals are seeped into our drinking water, food supply and are included in many products that we use every day in our homes. No wonder so many of us suffer from diseases and conditions caused by toxicity.


The Organic Detox TM will work wonders for your body

Organic Vision's Organic Detox™ can give your body a leg up on all these toxins and help you feel great again. Just like giving your car an oil change, detoxifying your body can make it possible for you to keep on trucking. Imagine running your car for years or decades without an oil change. It would probably be giving you some trouble, wouldn't it? Thank goodness our bodies are much more resilient and forgiving than our cars!

Your body is ready and willing to clean out and regenerate itself. All it needs is a little help from you! As soon as you lighten up the toxic load on your body, it will automatically enter the process of increased detoxification.