Solution to the Toxin Overload

So what can be done to naturally and effectively rid your body of its accumulated chemical, environmental and bodily toxins?

Introducing The Organic Detox™, your ultimate solution to the cleanest, healthiest, and strongest body to date!


This special one of a kind detox program is designed to rid your body from the burden of toxicity and allow your brain to perform at its full capability, resulting in a sharper mental focus. This negates the excuse for one needing to take a puff or a cup of coffee to gain concentration and alertness.


Your trillions of cells are regenerated over and over.

Did you know that the food you eat, water you drink and air you breathe everyday helps develop new cells – the building blocks of your body?


The hand that you look at today is NOT the same hand you looked at 10 years ago! Every single living cell has died, been flushed out, and replaced with new cells created by the food that you ate. It’s easy to imagine our fingernails as being new because they regenerate quickly enough that we see it happening. But this is also true for our skin, organs, bones and muscles!

Your body is ready and willing to regenerate itself. As soon as you start ridding your body of excess toxins and adopting new healthy eating habits, your body will begin to repair itself efficiently. This will also help eliminate many symptoms and diseases in dramatic ways.

The first results you’ll notice will be in your:-

  • Moods

  • Energy levels

  • The ability to think clearly

Food fuels hormone production, blood sugar regulation and the creation of all sorts of internal chemicals (like dopamine and serotonin) that affect your mood and thinking!


The importance of diet

In a 5-year study at a high school in Appleton, Wisconsin students who were once described as “rude, obnoxious and ill mannered” became “calm, focused, and orderly” simply by replacing hallway junk food, soda machines and cafeteria processed food with a program of fresh, wholesome, nutritious foods. The Wisconsin students documented the benefits of their diet in the classroom, as well. Each year they fed one cage of mice fresh, nutritious foods and a second cage of mice junk foods. The results of this study are quite shocking. A total change of behavior occurred – from calm, social, playful mice on fresh food, to aggressive, violent mice that kill each other on junk food. Once the mice were rehabilitated with fresh food they reverted back to being calm, and when they were offered junk food again, they refused it!

Just as it did for these students and mice, a nutritious diet will improve your moods, energy and thinking.

Most diseases are caused by food choices

Heart disease and cancer are at the top of the list of life threatening illnesses.

Main components of the modern Western diet eaten in most affluent, first world countries are comprised of meat, dairy, refined sugar, wheat and artificial chemicals.

Recent scientific research has shown that:

  • Red meat may cause many forms of cancer (especially colon and stomach), heart disease, hypertension and high cholesterol.

  • Dairy products may cause Candida overgrowth, cardiovascular disease, allergies, lactose intolerance, skin conditions, digestive disorders, many forms of cancer (especially ovarian, breast and prostate) and osteoporosis!

  • Refined sugar contributes to obesity, type II diabetes, Candida overgrowth, tooth decay, acne, compromised immunity and cancer (especially pancreatic).

  • Refined wheat products contribute to obesity, type II diabetes, celiac disease, digestive disorders, allergies and cardiovascular diseases.

In recent years, many artificial ingredients used in developed countries such as high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils (trans fat), artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, artificial colors or synthetic food additives have been linked to a wide range of devastating diseases including nervous system disorders, hormonal dysfunction and unusual cancers. The body was simply not designed to digest and make use of such chemicals.


A deep cleansing detox program which thoroughly cleans your system of anything that is burdening it and causing a host of health problems, while being educated on and adopting new, healthy ways of eating and cooking our food. Organic Vision is here to help you achieve these goals with a simple yet effective tailor made for your individual needs.