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Organic Aloe in Mix

  • 400 g

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    Certified Organic Aloe Vera Inner Leaf Gel Powder (ACTIValoe), Erythritol, Bimuno, Litesse Ultra, Jerusalem Artichoke, Citric Acid, Papaya Extract, Pineapple Extract, Stevia & Nu-FLOW


    Aloe Vera is one of the most remarkable types of plants ever studied by modern science. It contains more than 75 different active compounds that work together like the different body parts of a human body. Polysaccharide molecules within the aloe vera plant maintain the synergism of these compounds, just as our brains control all bodily systems. Unfortunately, the standard or old commercial processing of Aloe Vera degrades these polysaccharides to the extent that Aloe Vera Gels retain almost no biological activity.

    Organic Aloe in Mix is specially designed for the convenience of those on the go and frequent travelers.

    Organic Vision has been able to adopt the newest processing method to retain all biological compounds in an aloe vera plant to produce an immune boosting and tasty aloe vera drink.

    It contains the same ingredients as our Aloe Fusion drink, complete with Active Aloe-aloe vera which has not been rendered inactive through chemical processing, but rather has retained all its nutrients and biological compounds by using the newest most innovative processing method.

    We have added papaya and pineapple enzymes as well as prebiotics for better digestion and for the maintenance of healthy gut bacteria-essential to good health. Simply mix the powder with water and enjoy!

    Directions for use  

    Basic maintenance: 
    Add 1 scoop to 6 oz. of water to mix. Drink 2 oz twice a day before after a meal.


    Organic Aloe in Mix benefits:

    Digestion enhancer:It has an acidic pH that encourages the body to secrete proper amounts of hydrochloric acid to digest food. Also helps neutralize pathogens that enter through the mouth.

    Anti-inflammatory agent: Salicylic Acid, found in Aloe Vera, acts almost like aspirin by disrupting the production of inflammation causing prostaglandin hormones. Aloe also contains powerful anti-inflammatory agents-plant sterols. It inhibits COX-2, another enzyme that causes inflammation.

    Natural painkiller: contains the enzyme ‘bradykinase’ which breaks down the pain causing chemical bradykinin. The polysaccharides within the aloe plant help stimulate the growth and repair of tissues, relieving pain.

    Collagen production stimulator: Aloe is known as the vegan equivalent of birds nest-a beauty skin food. It has the remarkable ability to reverse the aging effect by stimulating the synthesis of collagen, helping you retain youthful skin. It also increases the degree of collagen cross linking, helping the repair of any unsightly wounds.


    QUALITY: Active-AloeTM (Using low temperature spray dried method to a concentration of 200:1).

    VARIETY: Certified Organically Grown Aloe Vera Barbadensis inner leaf gel

    HARVEST: Approximately three of the outermost mature leaves are cut from each plant and only the inner Aloe Vera Gel is extracted, as they contain the highest nutrient content.

    BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE: Guaranteed 10% total polysaccharides by weight. .

    CERTIFIED: Certified by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC).

    ENHANCED: Enzymes and Prebiotics added for healthy digestion.