my knees are functioning so much better!

Detox at 90?!!

Name: Debbie Mom
Age: 90
Profession: *

Have you ever thought about trying a detox, but you are hesitating for a variety of reasons? Let's take a look at Debbie's 90-year-old mother???s experience-sharing, which may change the way you think,

???In January, I had blood in my stool, so I went to the hospital to get a checkup. The doctors took pictures of my intestines, and I also underwent a gastroscopy. However, nobody could find out the real cause of the problem. When I was discharged from the hospital, the doctor prescribed me half a serving of gastric medicine. But my daughter, Debbie, believed that strong gastric medicine was not good for my body, and that taking it would not solve the problem. So, I decided not to take it.

It was finally through Organic Vision's detox program and organic health products that truly helped me solve my health problem!

Debbie wasn't worried about me trying out OV???s detox program even though I am 90 years old. This was because she and a lot of friends had tried it with amazing results. There were absolutely no negative side effects, only positive improvements in their health. So, I decided to give it a shot.

Before my detox, I struggled with having swollen feet daily. Every day at about 3 o'clock, my calves and knees would swell up, making it difficult to stand up or walk around. Even though I sought out acupuncture treatments for this issue, nothing seemed to work.

Now after having completed my detox program, as well as after regular usage of Organic Vision???s health supplements, my knees are functioning so much better! I no longer suffer from swelling and pain, my joints feel younger, stronger, and more flexible! I noticed a more dramatic improvement especially after completing my liver/gallstone flush.

I continue trying my best to eat a healthy, balanced diet even after detoxing. I also keep up in taking all of my supplements. This has drawn attention from others, as they often ask me: "What do you do with so many health care products?" but I know that despite my age, taking good care of myself and my body is important to me.

My daughter???s friends ask why she doesn???t hold my arm when we walk on the street together. I tell them ???Don???t worry! I???m strong and healthy enough to walk all by myself!??? Even though I may be old, and I certainly can't walk as fast as young people, but I am truly grateful that at least I can walk without crutches, and I can even go up and down the stairs without any problems now. ???