I don't want to take blood pressure medicine all my life!

I don't want to take blood pressure medicine all my life!

Name: Kristi
Age: -
Profession: -

Two years ago, Kristi suffered from frequent migraines, and the problem became more serious. She went to the hospital for an examination and found that her blood pressure was abnormal. She started taking blood pressure medicine, thinking that it could solve the issue of having high blood pressure. Over time, not only did the amount of medication increase, but heading towards the never ending cycle of being dependent on medications made Kristi suffer from many unpleasant side effects.
She started to struggle with pain in her feet, blocked ears and poorer eyesight.

After taking blood pressure medication for 2 years, her blood pressure was still at the very limit of being too high, and she even found that her blood sugar levels were too high and her cholesterol levels were at the limit of being dangerous. Kristi began to worry about her future and the potential serious health problems she might have to go through.

Kristi???s daughter Melissa was very distressed when she saw her mother's situation and was determined to help her. Because Melissa had gotten to know about Organic Vision's amazing healing full detox program, she encouraged her mother to try it out.

Kristi was determined to gradually be able to cut out her medications and to heal herself naturally through OVs detox program.
Ever since starting the Detox Starter Kit, Kristi has gone cold turkey with her medicine since day 1.

She says ???Looking back, if I hadn't gone through the detox, and continued to take my medications every day, I would still be suffering from terrible side effects.???

Since completing her 2 month detox, Kristi has not taken a single pill. She feels so much more relaxed and less anxious. That dark, sinking, depressed feeling in her stomach has disappeared. On top of that, Kristi has not struggled with any migraines since finishing her detox program! The biggest bonus is that she has become slimmer, losing a total of 6kg. Her waist has been reduced from more than 80cm to 77cm. She feels like a brand new person, young and refreshed and ready to conquer life!