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Triple Defence

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    Triple Defence

    • Are you tired of getting sick all the time?
    • What can you do to prevent yourself from getting ill when others around you are?
    • Would you like to use natural remedies for your flu or cough or cold?

    It is well known that antibiotics are not the best option to treat the flu or cold. Antibiotics do not kill viruses, and they should only be used for bacterial complications such as sinus or ear infections. Overuse of antibiotics has become a very serious problem, leading to resistance in disease-causing bacteria that may render antibiotics ineffective for certain conditions.

    Our Triple Defence Pack includes Reishi Plus which contains mushroom extracts which regulate our immune responses.

    ImmuStrong is included as a potent immune enhancer, heightening the efficiency of our immune systems response to invading bacteria and viruses. It contains 48 varieties of fruits, vegetables, herbs and seawater plants which have been carefully selected for their immune boosting properties.

    Bee Young containing natural viral, fungal and bacterial fighters such as propolis and royal jelly from the beehives.

    Recommended directions for use  

    Basic maintenance of a healthy immune system: 
    2 capsules each per day

    Fighting the cold: 
    2 capsules each every hour

    Fighting the flu or a bacterial/viral infection: 
    4 capsules each per hour

    Strengthening a weak immune system: 
    2 capsules of every product with each meal


    Triple Defense benefits

    • Strengthens and maintains a healthy immune system
    • Wards of bacterial and viral infections
    • Stop relying on doctors and prescription drugs
    • Heal yourself from the flu and cold naturally


    Instead of isolating individual isolated Vitamins A & C like many products on the market, we've designed an all inclusive package giving you the very best of what nature has to offer our immune systems, without the use of any man made drugs or chemicals. Together with a potent blend of vegetables, fruits, herbs, seawater plants, as well as Eastern medicinal mushrooms & fungi, combined with a mix of health enhancing treasures from bees, Triple Defense Pack will leave all potential invasive bacteria & viral infections no chance of success!


    POWERFUL:Highly potent immune boosting nutrients

    EFFICIENT:The common cold & flu can be managed well

    PREVENTIVE:Strengthens your immune system to protect from easily contracting viruses