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First Detox Pack (W/A)

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    First Detox Pack

    We have designed this personalized, tried and tested, specialist approved 14 day program, to help your bodily systems and organs start to gently unclog the years of toxic buildup.

    To illustrate, think of the gutters along the side of a road. If they were clogged up with leaves and debris, there would be a high chance of flooding along the road, especially after a rainstorm. However, if the gutters were consistently cleaned out and kept free from debris, they would be able to efficiently evacuate the rain and avoid flooding.

    The same concept applies to detoxing. Before you start a full detox and release large amounts of toxins into your bloodstream, the smart thing to do would be to get rid of the “debris” clogging up your major elimination channels. That would allow these detoxification channels to work more efficiently in processing these toxins, and successfully eliminating them from your body. In this sense, you would avoid a “flooding” of toxins in your body with no clear escape.

    Products include:

    1. Prime Probiotics to unclog your digestive tract and flush out those nasty bad bacteria in your gut and restore balance to your digestive system! Since 70-80% of our immune system is located in our guts, this product acts as an immune system booster to help your body fight any infections within your body.

    2. Aloe in Mix to offer prebiotics for the probiotics to feed on and multiply inside your digestive tract. This product aids in flushing toxins from your kidneys, fighting any infections and gently cleansing your gut.

    3. Fat Bloc to soak up all the fats and oils in your foods and sweep them right out of your body before absorbing them! This product adds large dosage of fiber to help regulate your bowel movements, and to curb appetite.

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    Download First Detox Pack Booklet

    Full Detox Pack benefits

    • Renew yourself from the inside out
    • Rejuvenate each cell within your body
    • Rid yourself of clogging, aging toxins
    • Refresh yourself physically, mentally and emotionally


    Our Full Detox Pack includes our company's prized and praised products. Through a special eating and lifestyle program which we will teach and guide you through, combined with our quality organic health supplements and drinks, you can help your body get rid of years of toxic buildup in your body efficiently, safely and effectively, whilst nourishing yourself with the highest quality of nutrients.

    A few of our key products include:

    Aloe Fusion: swiftly cleanses your digestive system of pathogens, and assists your immune system in fighting the stream of toxins which will be released into your bloodstream throughout the detox.

    Detox Greens: a blend of organic vegetables specifically designed to aid your liver which cleanses your blood of heavy metals and toxins.

    Prime Probiotics: lines your gut with healthy bacteria to help fight toxic bad bacteria, rebalancing your gut flora to achieve optimal immune function and toxin removal.


    EFFECTIVE:Results can be seen in just 9 days!

    HEALTHY:Losing fat the healthy way.

    CLEANSING:Remove years of toxic buildup from your system

    WHOLESOME:Nourish each cell in your body